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      September is a great time to fully enjoy all the treasures of Armenia. This is a period of pleasant weather, when it’s still warm like in summer, but there is no exhausting heat. This is the time of juicy, ripe Armenian fruits with unforgettable aroma and special “sunny” taste. You can safely choose any destination for out-of-town picnics or excursions in September, as well as plan a holiday in any resort in Armenia.

      Armenian pomegranate

      Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Armenian Market


      Places to visit in Armenia in September

      Actually, September in Armenia is the continuation of summer, and if your destination is resort holiday, you do not have to worry that it will be spoiled by unexpected weather. The beach season continues on Lake Sevan in the first half of the month, and resort zones in Dilijan, Jermuk, Tsakhkadzor, Aghveran, etc., also operate according to the usual “summer” regime.

      Sevan lake

      Resorts in Armenia

      September is excellent for visiting historical and architectural monuments in the open air (Garni, Geghard, Tatev, Khor Virap, Khndzoresk, etc.), as in the daytime, it is mostly warm and clear, but the weather is not as hot as in summer, especially in mountainous areas.

      Geghard Monastery Complex

      Garni temple


      Weather in Armenia in September

      In general, September is characterized by a predominance of sunny days, and September of 2020 will not become an exception. The air temperature during this period in the capital and the southern regions is reduing, fixing in +25 or +28 degrees. There is a pleasant coolness in the evenings. In higher, mountainous regions, the transition to the “autumn regime” is expressed more sharply, and by mid-September the air temperature can drop to +10 or +15. Rainfalls are rare even closer to the end of the month, the weather is mostly clear and dry.

      Autumn Dilijan

      Autumn in Yerevan


      Holidays and events in September

      International Day of Knowledge – September 1 is also celebrated in Armenia. In schools and universities, events are held on this day, and later festive concerts and various entertainments for children are organized right on the streets of the city, in parks and even on the territory of the residence of the president of Armenia!

      September 1

      Knowledge Day in Armenia

      On September 21, Armenia celebrates one of the main national holidays – Independence Day. On this day in 1991, the people of Armenia voted at the general referendum for the independence of the country, thus, September 21 can be considered the real birthday of the modern Armenia. Since the morning in the central square of the capital festive parade is held, and then the nationwide celebration continues in different parts of the city, where many open concerts take place. The day ends again on the Republic Square with a grandiose festive fairwork.

      September 21, Independence Day of Armenia

      Independence Day of Armenia


      Tourist destinations, prices on tours and excursions

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      Zvartnots Temple

      Walking tours in Armenia


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