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      Planning to visit a country you usually want to see not only advertising brochures of travel agencies but also reviews of the people who have already made such a trip. It can be even more useful. For instance, it may help to make a choice of resort or hotel, or give some general information about the destinations for the romantic weekend or family holidays.

      reviews of the people

      reviews of the people


      Monitoring of the testimonials about holidays in Armenia 2023

      You should look through the reviews of the clients of travel agencies and tour operators in order to get a view on a trip to Armenia. This will help to choose a specific tour and accommodation depending on your purposes and preferences. 

      Friendly service

      One Way Tour travel agency


      Reviews about tours in Armenia

      One of the main advantages for the tourists visiting Armenia is the quite profitable combination of the quality and the content of the tour and the relatively available price. You can visit a lot of sights even within only a few days. Besides, in Armenia, with a small territory of the country, you will have a large choice of different kinds of resorts: high mountainous, climatic, balneological, etc.

      Tatev monastery

      The magnificent nature of Dilijan


      Reviews about independent trips

      Tourists traveling independently consider the hospitable and friendly attitude of the locals to foreign travelers as one of the main advantages of Armenia. If you cannot find the right way, they will always help you to find your destination. You can find accommodation matching your possibilities even if you have not booked any tours. There is a wide range of tours beginning from rental apartments and hotel rooms to inexpensive hostels. Besides, you will easily find on-the-spot information on all the excursions to the sights you are interested in.  

      Sevanavank monastery

      Zip line


      Reviews about holidays with kids

      Armenia is famous for its attentive attitude to kids. Tourists mention the readiness of the personnel to solve any problem regarding children in any place. There is a special babysitter service in some hotels that is for an additional charge and should be reserved beforehand. Kid’s entertainment is also developed, especially in the capital and in all big resorts.

      Reviews about holidays with kids

      Reviews about holidays with kids


      What do foreign tourists like in Armenia

      In addition to other advantages, tourists also mention local food. Natural “sunny” fruits and vegetables, unique meals of the Armenian cuisine… Guests of Armenia often take local dried fruits, spices, mountain herbs and tea infusions, wine, and Armenian brandy as a souvenir.  

      Armenian dried fruits

      Armenian fruits


      What don’t foreign tourists like in Armenia

      Among the disadvantages of a trip to Armenia, tourists mention the insufficient amount of multilingual personnel. Although there is not such a problem in the capital, this can be commonplace in further regions. Foreign travelers also mention the lack of smoke-free zones in some public areas. However, this problem seems to be gradually solved.

      What don't foreign tourists like in Armenia

      What don't foreign tourists like in Armenia


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