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      Armenia is a fabulous country that fascinates visitors with the unique flavor of the ancient culture, combined with simple human warmth. Decision to travel to Armenia in 2017 is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with oldest Christian shrines, ancient cities and monuments, as well it is an unforgettable vacation on a background of majestic mountains and amazing natural landscapes.

      Haghartsin Monastery

      Dilijan National Park


      Safety of the trip in Armenia

      Armenia is a very secure place with a low crime rate. Guests from other countries can be assured of the safety of their vacation if they planned a trip a trip to this beautiful country with kindly peace-loving people. During the journey they will be able to freely travel around the city, visit various places and use public transport services. There is a very low level of street crime, including theft and petty pickpocketing. Tourists will particularly appreciate the opportunity to walk through the night Yerevan even in the late hours. In addition, it is one of the safest states in terms of the threat of ethnic or religious terrorism. This is due to the fact that 96% of the local population is composed of Armenians who profess Christianity. This factor guarantees a peaceful atmosphere throughout all time of vacation. 

      Evening Yerevan

      Evening Yerevan

      Another advantage to travel to Armenia which is ensuring the safety of tourists is a high-quality medical service at surprisingly affordable prices. Guests of the country can get the assistance of specialist on the hotline ambulance at any time. In general, Armenians are very good-natured and sympathetic people. It is extremely rare to see a conflict or a fight on the streets of the city. The public order is followed by police detachments symbolically called “Guardian Angels”. They will provide assistance on any issue that arose during the travel. The availability of harmless organic products of local origin is very important fact, as well as the purest water coming from the mountain springs. You can always buy fresh products that meet the established food standards in any market or nearby store at fairly low prices.

      Tourists in Armenia

      Tourists in Armenia


      Travel to Armenia with family

      Armenia offers a rich variety of entertainment for those who is going on a trip with the family and children, including the Yerevan Zoo, which presents a variety of wildlife species, exciting adventure tours, children attractions, waterparks and entertainment centers that necessarily will interest young travelers. Children will be able to satisfy their curiosity in the most interesting museums dedicated to science, history or the life of the outstanding personalities. Another advantage to travel to Armenia with family is a magnificent climate, a long sunny summer, clean mountain air and a picturesque natural landscape. Useful and delicious Armenian cuisine will satisfy even the most capricious little “gourmets” who will feel at home here.


      Lake Parz


      How to get Armenian visa?

      Entry to Armenia is carried out through the visa regime in accordance with the Armenian legislation and international agreements. Depending on the country of residence, foreign citizens are provided with different options for obtaining an Armenian visa. For a number of CIS countries and the European Union visa registration is not required. In the case of a visa-free regime, a visitor can stay in Republic of Armenia for 180 days a year. It is possible to issue visas at the time of arrival for citizens of some countries, namely at Yerevan Airport or at border points in Armenia. This option allows you to stay in the country for 21-120 days according to the type of visa. It is also convenient to receive an electronic visa, which must be formalized on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. The issuance process takes 3 days.

      Roads of Armenia

      Roads of Armenia


      Prices in Armenia in 2017

      The average cost of tourist tours to Armenia in 2017 depends on the requested living conditions. Those who prefer to travel with minimal cost and those who are going to spend their vacation in a luxury hotel using a wide range of quality services will find a convenient option stay on. In general, the local pricing policy pleasantly surprises tourists both from abroad and from the countries of the former CIS. Affordable prices for sightseeing tours, as well as transport, goods, entertainment and food is all you need for a carefree holiday. The cost of all these services is minimal. In addition, there is no distinction in prices for locals and tourists unlike many other countries. There are all conditions for comfortable stay of visitors.

      Tours in Armenia

      Tours in Armenia


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