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          From the 13th to the 21st of August, in 2014 One Way Tour plans 9 days exclusive tour to Western Armenia and Cilicia. Here is the route: YEREVAN – AKHALKAK – KARS – ANI – BAYAZET – BERKRI – VAN – AGHTAMAR -BITLIS – DIARBEKIR – URPHA – AYAS – KORIKOS – ADANA – SIS – MARASH – MALATIA – NEMRUT – KHARBERD – ERZRUM – ARDAHAN – YEREVAN 9 wonderful days, during which we will admire the beauty of numerous historical and cultural monuments in Western Armenia and Cilicia. We will be almost in all the provinces of historical Armenia such as Kars, Daruynk (Bayazet), Van, Baghesh (Bitlis), Tigranakert (Diyarbakir), Edesia (Urfa), Adana Sis (Kozan), Marash, Malatia, Kharberd (Elyaziz), Karin (Erzrum), Ardahan cities. During the tour we will visit the Medieval Armenian capital Ani where many famous architectural structures are located. A visit to Kars which is one of the remarkable capitals of Historical Armenia is also expected. It is also famous for its Arakelots temple, mighty fortresses and ancient buildings. Within the tour we will be in the prominent fortress (Daroynk) in Bayazet city as well as will visit Berkri waterfall which is considered as one of the unparalleled wonders of nature. During our tour we will be in the mighty fortress in Van city located on the shore of Van Lake, St. Khach church in Aghtamar, will taste Van’s tarekh fish then will visit Bitlis city with its ancient houses, churches and fortresses as well as St. Kirakos Armenian church in Tigranakert. The main beauty of our tour is Cilicia where we will see monuments created by the Greco-Romans, Byzantines and the Crusaders, will also see Ayas and Korikos coast castles and have a rest on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea as well. We are expected to see Adana city with its interesting houses, Sis capital with its mighty fortress and a church, Lambron, Levonkla, Hromkla fortresses, the ruins of remarkable cities, ancient bridges and, of course, beautiful spring panoramas with the scenes of Mediterranean Sea, High mountains of Tavros and fertile field in Cilicia. Within our tour we will also visit Marash city where numerous ancient houses are preserved. We will climb Nemrut Mountain where enormous statues of Armenian Hellenistic gods and prominent kings are preserved. They are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. We will also be in St. Astvatsatsin church in Malatya, a mighty fortress in Kharberd, will cross Mndzuri hills, as well as will visit Apranits monastery, where the world’s largest stone crosses are preserved. At the end of the tour we are expected to visit Erzurum fortress, to pass Tortoum canyon admiring the nice lake and falling from the high point the waterfall, see the temple of Army in Taykas well. We will return to Yerevan with unforgettable impressions.
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