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      Start: 12.05.2016 / 08:00
      End: 19.01.2018 / 19:54
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      Unique and a newly developed 3-day tour to Western Armenia. Argina monastery, Khtskonk monastery, Tekor, Mreni, Tignis fortress, Maghasberd, Red monastery. All these churches and fortresses so far unknown for us are located in Western Armenia. So from 19th to the 21st of April during non-working days we have a unique and an exclusive opportunity to see and explore so far undiscovered many cultural monuments. So during the tour we will visit: • Medieval Armenian Ani capital where besides many famous architectural structures (Katoghike Cathedral, St. Savior (Prkich), St. Tigran Honents, St. Astvatsatsin, Gagkashen churches, Smbatyan walls) we will also be in so far less famous a number of monuments of the Acropolis, Paron’s Palace, Aghjkaberd, as well as we will have the opportunity to learn about subterranean “kingdom” of Ani. • A visit to another famous historic capital of Armenia, called Kars, is expected. It is remarkble with its Arakeltos Temple and mighty fortress. The city, which is famous for its numerous beautiful and ancient buildings, has a number of undisclosed structures such as churches and abandoned defense bases that are expected to explore during this tour. • Within the tour we will also be in 2 capitals of Historical Armenia located under the immediate vicinity of the border of the Republic of Armenia. They are Shirakavan (Yerazgavors) and Bagaran where ruined churches and also in Bagaran the mausoleum of the Prince Gevorg (Gevorg Marzpetuni) are preserved. • We will also visit 2 famous monasteries that are Argina monastery, which once was a seat of Katoghikos and a famous Khtskonk monastery built by the Prince West Sargis. From 5 churches of the same monastery only one is remained. • We will be in a mighty Tignis fortress and if possible in Maghasberd, which had protected Ani capital from the north and the south, playing a major role in the common defense system. • If there will be any possibility we will be in one of the remarkable monasteries of medieval Armenia called Hromos monastic complex which is situated right on the border of Republic of Armenia. Then we will also visit early medieval unique monuments such as Tekor and Mreni temples, first of which is severely affected, and the second, despite numerous atrocities, is still preserved. • Despite our short time we plan to visit Red Monastery (Kizil kilise), Gmbet church (Gyumbet kilise), Bagnayr and Smbatavank (Oghuzlu), as well as a number of other almost unknown monuments. • We will aslo visit natural beautiful monuments Syusyuzi waterfall, Borluk valley, Akhuryan’s canyon, KoyuchukLake and so on.
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