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      Start: 01.05.2016 / 08:00
      End: 20.01.2018 / 21:00
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      Tour Operator ONE WAY TOUR organizes an unique historical-cultural tour to Iran.

      Here is the project in details:

      01.05.2015 – Departure at 09:00 in the morning
      02.05.2015 – Arrival at 09:00 in the morning at Azad square in Tehran.

      Transfer to the hotel. After having some rest and dinner we will visit  Golestan Palace in Tehran, which is also famous with the name of Shah’s palace, built in 1524-1576 by Safavid dynasty and till the fall of shah’s government in Iran (1979) was considered to be the seat of shah.

      Afterwards, we will visit the museum of Old Iran, which is the first museum in Iran, where the oldest cultural values found in Iran are exhibited.
      Having visited museum of Old Iran we will go to railway station in order to go to Shiraz by train.

      The overnight will be in train, and the sunset we will meet in Shiraz city, symbolizing once powerful glory of Achaemenids.
      03.05.2015 – City tour in Shiraz. Indeed, Shiraz is considered to be the one of historical and cultural treasures. In other words, it is a museum under open air. As the Persians tell, “ If you have never been in Shiraz, the you have never been in Iran”. The city occupies the fairy tale East, which we have in our imaginations (the cartoon of Aladdin,  “One Thousand and One Nights”) after reading and watching  other eastern books and movies.

      After getting acquainted with the eastern luxury and enjoying their hospitality and national dishes we will go the mausoleum  of Cyrus  II the Great (the founder of Achaemenid dynasty), which is situated in Pasargadae, 50 km away from Shiraz. Enjoying the beauty of Pasargadae, we will visit the ruins of once capital Persepolis( It is also called “Takht-e Jamshid”, trans.- the seat of mythical king Jamshid), built by Cyrus,  and  wonderful building called “National Gates” ( “Darvaze melal”).

      Overnight in the hotel.

      04.05.2015 – After having breakfast in the morning at the hotel we will continue to explore the historical places of Shiraz.

      We will visit the fortress of  Karim Khan Zand, built in 1766-1767. Then we will visit the main market in Shiraz to form a real imagination about the East. The market is considered to be the centre of historical Shiraz city, which was founded in 11th century  by Buyid dynasty. Then  we will visit  the main bath and mosque, created by Karim Khan Zand. In Shiraz we will also visit  historical place called «Baghe eram» (trans.- the garden of heaven), which was founded in the period of Seljuq’s reign. The tour in Shiraz will come to its end with the visit to the mausoleum of popular writer and philosopher Hafez.

      Overnight in the hotel.

      05.06.2015 –After having breakfast at the hotel in the morning we will go to Isfahan, the other popular city in Iran. After arrival and having some rest we will walk along  the city of Isfahan. We will visit the historical and famous  square called Naqsh-e Jahan  ( trans. – “Image of the world”), which is considered to be the heart of Isfahan. This square was built during the reign of Shah Abbas the Great in 1598, when the Shah decided to move the capital city from Qazvin to Isfahan.  Enjoying Naghshe Dzhan we will go to “ Siosepol” ( trans.- “thirty three bridge”, bridge having 33 arches).  The bridge is also called Allahverdi Khan’s bridge, because it was built by his order, and the architect was an Armenian. The length of the bridge is 297.76 m. This is one of the 11 historical bridges in Isfahan. Generally Isfahan is famous with its bridges, as the city is built on  Zāyanderūd river.

      Overnight at the hostel in Isfahan.
      06.05.2015-  After having breakfast in the hotel, the first part of the day fully will be given to Armenian New Julfa quarter, which was founded during the great transmigration done by Shah Abbas and the residents of which are from historical Julfa city. We will visit Armenian church in New Julfa and different Armenian architectural monuments.

      The second part of the day we will dedicate to Chehelsotoon Palace( trans.- “ Forty columns”), which was again founded by Shah Abbas. Worth mentioning, that Isfahan reached its highest top during the reign of Shah Abbas.


      Overnight at the hotel.

      07.05.2015 – In the morning We will go Teheran from Isfahan. We will visit National Jewelry museum of Iran,  where all the expensive jewelries since Safavid dynasty to our days’ ones are kept. It  is one of the unique museums of the world. In the evening we will visit to an Iranian national café to drink  a cup of tea or coffee and to have supper.
      Overnight at the hotel.

      08.05.2015 – In the morning we will have breakfast, and later on we will continue exploring Teheran. We will also visit museum of Iranian carpets, which is worldwide famous and the main rival to Armenian carpets. Here an enormous collection is exhibited, which includes unique and expensive carpets dating from ancient times to our days. We will also visit The Saadabad Palace, which was founded during the reign of Qajar dynasty in 19th century, but its final appearance was given during the reign of Pahlavi dynasty.Now it is the seat of the president of Islamic Republic of Iran.


      Overnight at the hotel.

      09.05.2015 – Departure in the morning from Teheran.
      10.05.2015 – Arrival at Yerevan

      Իրան Թեհրան Նաղշ-է Ջհան , Սպահան Թեհրանի Ազադ հրապարակ Շիրազ քաղաք Թեհրանի Գոլեսթան պալատ, Թեհրան Պերսեպոլիս Փասարգադ

      The price does not include.

      • Catering besides breakfast
        • Entry tickets to museums

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      • • Visa
        • Health Insurance 
        • Transportation during the whole tour 
        • Armenian speaking  guide
        • Breakfasts at the hotels


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