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      We guarantee job to the best participants!

      Start: 02.11.17
      End: 25.12.17



      We guarantee:

      -The acquisition of basic skills through 25 lessons,
      -The best participants will get a job with us,
      -Total refund in case you find the course ineffective for you.

      The course includes:

      Theoretical and practical classes that provide the knowledge and skills of an incoming tour manager.

      5 reasons to participate in the course:

      1. practical classes
      2. one of the best specialists in the field of tourismteaches
      3. classes are in the evening 
      4. practical experience in the frames of this course
      5. the best participants are guaranteed to get job in our company.

      As a result of the course:

      Participants will learn to calculate tour packages, possess the technologies and relationships necessary for the development of new routes.



      1) The RA Law on Tourism and Touristic Activities

      2) Touristic resources of Armenia and their classification: touristic resources of Shirak, Lori, Tavush, Armavir regions

      3) Touristic resources of Ararat, VayotsDzor, Syunik regions

      4) Touristic resources of Yerevancity

      5) Intangible cultural heritage as a touristic attraction

      6) The classification of touristic services: touristic services in regions of Armenia and in Yerevan

      7) Development of touristic routes, principles and particular features

      8) Development of cognitive and thematic routes

      9) Formulation of travel packages

      10) Formulation of touristic packages in accordance to the requirements of the group. The analysis of the needs of the target group

      11) Schedule of travel packages, description

      12) Calculation of the travel package

      13) The necessary items to fill the communication links and technologies into a travel package

      14) Choiceoftransportservices

      15) Hotel servicechoice

      16) Organization of meals

      17) Organization of guide service

      18) Contractual relations in the sphere of tourism

      19) Control of force – majeure situations and risk management

      20) Realization of the touristic products

      21) Promotion and advertisement of the touristic product

      22) Evaluation of tourist’s/ customer’s satisfaction

      23) Provision of feedback to tourists


      Additional information:

      -parallel to the sessions participants will receive electronic versions of additional materials that are to be taught,
      -during each class, participants will be provided with verification tasks that will help themto learn easily the material,
      -participants will receive a certificate and the best ones will get jobs in the company ONE WAY TOUR,
      -comfortable auditorium, equipped with the necessary equipment. During the sessions there will be coffee breaks and talks with professionals.





      What will I gain from this course?

      The participating in this course will help you to gain a new profession, and the best participants will be provided with job in ONE WAY TOUR.

      What time do the lessons start and what the duration is?

      Classes start in the evenings and last for 2 hours.

      How can I participate in?

      If you want to participate, click on the button ''REGISTRATION'', fill in the application form and send. Otherwise you can register for one free class by clicking on the button ‘’JOIN FOR FREE’’.

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